Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Morgan Day - Swing Music DJ

Morgan Day has been swing dancing since 1997, and teaching and DJing swing since 2003, when he became president of the UC Riverside Swing Club.  As a dancer, he is most known for winning the “Golden Budgie Rock The House Award” at the National Jitterbug Championships (aka Camp Hollywood) in 2011 for his “Super Mario Brothers” showcase routine, which went viral in the United States and Japan.  He is also a member of the Camp Hollywood Hall of Fame, a regular contributor to the “Hey Mister Jesse” Podcast, and leads a swing jazz band called “The Mad Hat Hucksters” based out of San Diego.

DJ Experience

Lindygroove, Pasadena, CA
Frim Fram Jam, New York, NY
Third Saturday Swing, Pasadena, CA
Strutter's Ball, Orange County, CA
The Firehouse Swing Dance, San Diego, CA
First Saturday Swing, San Diego, CA
Atomic Ballroom, Irvine, CA
Midtown Stomp, Sacramento, CA
Memories, Whittier, CA
Kats Korner, Phoenix, AZ
Riverside Junction, Riverside, CA

Camp Hollywood/National Jitterbug Championships
Herräng Dance Camp (Sweden)
Lindy on The Rocks
San Diego Balboa Lindy Exchange
Phoenix Lindy Exchange
Las Vegas Lindy Exchange
Roaring 20's Street Jam
Catalina Swing Dance Festival
Balboa Rendezvous
San Francisco Balboa Festival
Shag and Drag Festival

Other Notable Items:
1st Place, Swing DJ Battle, Las Vegas Lindy Exchange 2009
Yehoodi Radio Guest DJ, March 2009
Regular contributor to the Hey Mr. Jesse Podcast